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Incredulous Cuts (doubtmusic 2014):

Re-interpretations of the doubtmusic catalogue

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Europa (Re-Records 2013):

This recording is the tail end of a musical trejectory that began 7 years ago in Amsterdam

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NO LITTER: Paul Hubweber & dj sniff (Gligg 2013):

...our sounds - brassy moans, crackling vinyl, spit, shouts and stutters, are nothing but rubbish.

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DRIFT-01 Martin Tétreault, eRikm, dj sniff, & Arnaud Riviére (Art Kill Art 2012):

DRIFT is a record series that uses non conventional technics of vinyl cutting, inviting artists to get involved with the materiel itself. For the first issue DRIFT-01, a concert of 4 turntablists improvising...

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EP (PSI 2011):

This recording is my attempt to play Evan Parker. Seven tracks were recorded in STEIM's Studio 3, trying to reflect the liveness of Parker's solo recordings. All of these are single takes with...

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The Play-Back (Annihaya 2010):

This album is another attempt to claim ownership of the musical moments hidden within the dusty grooves of vinyl...

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