dj sniff about Music Instruments
Technics 1200 turntable / Rane Empath mixer / Motu Ultralite audio interface / Stanton SCS controller / Mac Mini / Max 5 / Blippo Box

Cut 'n play (2007~)
Cut 'n play is a crossfader-triggered sampler made with Max/MSP. This tool samples and plays-back the turntable sound based on the CF movement by reading the CD trigger output signal (a unique feature on the Rane Empath mixer) into the computer through the audile USB audio interface. Cut 'n play succeeds in integrating real-time sampling to the flow of playing the turntable, with sounding results from beat juggling effects to stuttering glitchy sounds. Read more.

Audile + Lupa (2007)
2 channel Lupa sampler + audile stereo delay and 3 voice pitch-shifter delay. Read more about Audile and Lupa.

Audile (2006)
Audile is a set of DSP effects controlled by a custom USB controller. Max/MSP is used to write the signal processing software and an 18F4550 PIC microcontroller is used to read the sensory input and transmit the data through the USB HID class protocol. The purpose was to create a dedicated tool for the turntable musician to perform with other improvisational musicians. Parameters of the effects (stereo delay, reverb, distortion, pitch shifter) are changed through physical input of the performer and semi-automated shifting and shuffling algorithms.

Lupa (2004)
Lupa is a custom hardware and software toolset that enables the turntable musician to capture, layer, and manipulate the sounds that are generated during a live performance. It is a tool to condense the DJ performance into a shorter span of time, allowing the DJ to spontaneously compose with fragments of sounds rather than entire tracks. Prohibiting all physical interaction and reducing visual interaction between the musician and laptop computer during the performance became a prominent guideline for the design and development. The hardware was designed after two previous prototypes. An 18F452 PIC microcontroller is used to translate numerous sensor inputs to MIDI messages. Sounds are sampled by a foot switch and later transformed by different modes of the joystick. Large game components are chosen to match the overall gestural movement of the turntable musician.

Custom needles (2003 - 2004)
Several attempts were made to extract the "acoustic" sounds of the turntable and vinyl through designing custom configurations of the stylus. Parallel Needle was inspired by Toshio Kajiwara, simply attaching two cartridges side-by-side, thus playing two different section of the record. Looks cools, can sound like a bad DJ mix. Piezo Needle was accompanied with custom platers that had movable magnets or different textural material. This needle was meant to play the raw physical sounds of the turntable rather than the recorded music on the vinyl. Wire Needles extend the range of the turntable's acoustic properties through wires attached to a piezo sensor. Walter Kitundu has made exceptional work on the same principle.

Bent toys (2004)
Bendscratch and Bendbeat are modified $1 dj toys. Each toy originally come with samples of either scratch sounds or rhythms that are triggered by a disc-like switch. By adding additional potentiometers and switches to the toy's circuit, the pitch of the samples can be drastically changed.